• Core Windows Font

    • this will install MS Windows core fonts i.e. Arial etc.
    • Optional
        sudo add-apt-repository multiverse
        sudo apt update
    • Optional if installing
        # install FontForge will help doing the font conversion
        # install MS Cabinet file unpacker. required if u didn't install corefonts first
        sudo apt-get install fontforge
        sudo apt-get install cabextract
    • sudo apt-get install fontforge
    • Install the Microsoft Cabinet file unpacker. This is required for the next script to successfully install the fonts.
    • sudo apt-get install cabextract
    • Install the font from repository sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer
    • Update the font cache sudo fc-cache -f -v
  • Vista Fonts

    • The following steps is in addition to the above, to install Vista related fonts i.e. Calibri
          wget https://gist.github.com/maxwelleite/10774746/raw/ttf-vista-fonts-installer.sh -q -O - | sudo bash


  • https://itsfoss.com/install-microsoft-fonts-ubuntu/
  • https://itectec.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-how-to-get-calibri-font-to-display-nicely-duplicate/
    • to make Windows font looks like by disabling antialiasing