Getting Started

What is this snippet all about?

Modular CSS Layout (MCL) snippets are meant to provide a useful layout options as a complement to the default theme or your chosen community theme. It focuses on working with Obsidian’s CSS classes and HTML structure to achieve the intended layout; which also means it won’t do any color-theme changes.

But I have to admit, compatibility with some theme (especially the more active and advanced ones might vary, but do log issues in my GH).

How to get started?

For the initiated, applying CSS snippets in Obsidian is quite a breeze. But the suggested approach in Installation gives you a few benefits

  • more user-friendly approach to download snippets
  • ease of updating whenever there’s an update from the repo

So far, there are three (3) modules for MCL snippets. Check out each module’s documentation to know what are the available features and the corresponding CSS file

Note that the CSS snippets are meant to be modular. You don’t have to install all of it. I use the word install and installation loosely here, since they are just single .css file that you can just “Save As…” to your [vault]/.obsidian/snippets folder

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