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Multi Column

CSS snippet file: MCL Multi Column.css

This snippet will allow you to re-shape the either callout or (unordered) list and position them side by side. See each subsection for more details on how to control that. In summary this snippet has the following features

  • Multi column layout using custom callout [!multi-column]
    • to be used with sub callout or codeblocks
  • Invisible container using custom callout [!blank-container]
    • to be used as grouping container like a dashboard
  • Multi column bullet list at (a) note level, and (b) block level
  • Side/Floating column using callout-metadata <left|right>
    • use [!<anycallout>|<left-or-right>-<size>] to affect only Reading View or [!<anycallout>|float-<left-or-right>-<size>] to also apply in Live Preview.

Table of contents