List Card

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
    1. How to Use #mcl/list-card
  2. Additional Controls
  3. Example


List Card layout will allow you to create multi column and multi row layout using a combination of (a) unordered lists (i.e. - list item) and (b) custom hashtag at the specific list block.

Making it work in Live Preview

The column layout will only work on Reading View. If you want to make it work on Live Preview, there are a few options. You can encapsulate the list block in MCL’s [blank-container] callout

There’s no Markdown Attributes plugin approach

There are no Markdown Attributes approach due to limitation in specifying at the end of list block

How to Use #mcl/list-card

Technically List Card is quite similar to List Grid but with extra customisation to make it card like. In order to enable it, place the hashtag anywhere in the top-level list items (preferably in the first bullet for easy identification). There are two options for List Card i.e.

  • #mcl/list-card - default minimum width 250px
  • #mcl/list-card-wide - default minimum width 350px

If you have consecutive group of list that you actually meant to be a separate lists, ensure to properly “break” it by placing either a header, horizontal line or <br/> tag in between

This option require your Obsidian to be installed with installer version 1.1.9 or higher (note that there are installer and app versions).

Here’s an example markdown:

- #### Core Work #mcl/list-card
    - [[00 Home|Main Goal 1]]
    - [[00 Home|Main Goal 1]]
    - [[00 Home|Main Goal 1]]
        - Collaboration with Jane
    - [[00 Home|Main Goal 1]]
- #### Learning & System
    - [[00 Home|Learning Goal 1]]
    - [[00 Home|Initiative 1]]
    - [[00 Home|Initiative 2]]
- #### Personal
    - [[00 Home|Personal Goal 1]]
    - [[00 Home|Personal Goal 2]]

The number of cards can appear per row is subject to card’s minimum width and note’s width. Card’s minimum width is adjustable via Style Settings plugin.

Additional Controls

If you have Style Settings plugin installed, you may control the following aspects (go to Style Settings > Modular CSS Layout - Multi Column > List Grid and List Card)

  • Card’s width and background Color
  • Cards’ border width and border color
  • Gap between card
  • Bottom border for the first header in the card


example of list card