Wide Views

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the snippet
  2. Using YAML (specifying cssClass)
  3. Example
  4. Using Style Settings toggle (affecting vault wide)

Understanding the snippet

  • CSS snippet file: MCL Wide Views.css
  • This snippet will provide the following features
    • Wide views using YAML cssClass: wide-<page/blocks> for applying to a specific individual note
    • Wide views using vault-wide toggle for applying to all notes in your vault
      • will require Style Settings plugin to enable the feature

Using YAML (specifying cssClass)

  • CSS snippet: MCL Wide Views.css
  • Custom CSS class available
    • wide-page
    • wide-dataview
    • wide-table
    • wide-backlinks

This snippet allow you to use Obsidian CSS class helper to enable any of the wide views. To use it, add the helper class in the YAML (frontmatter) of your note (which must be at the top of the note) like below.

cssClass: wide-page

<the rest of your note>

Thanks to Obsidian updated Electron base to V21, I have managed to avoid using Contextual Typography plugin to support wide blocks with the release of v0.9.6


Using Style Settings toggle (affecting vault wide)

Table of contents